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It was lunch time by the time we reach New Selo. We ordered rice from the only stall open there. It was the best Indonesian kerabu rice I have ever taste in my life. The other meals on the mountain weren't that bad either. We made fried tempeh fermented beans and also have "imported" chicken rendang dry curry.

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It was frozen and brought over by our Go shop meletup guide using dry ice. This little fellow came looking melteup food before dinner This musang tasted mletup I was just joking hehe. The furry animal came scrambling for food but all we had to be stolen in the tent was uncooked rice. Later at night there were a couple of them who came for visits. Me and a hiking buddy was sharing a cave to sleep in I was quite sure they came in looking for food and not shelter.

We continued the hike the next sbop Go shop meletup before dawn. Saw only few interesting insects and plants. I think all of these including the caves would have been consumed by lava. I guess this will be eaten meletp the lava mletup. Getting up to the peak of Gunung Merapi was actually not that GGo. It was a lot like getting on to Bukit Tabur in Taman Melawati except the scramble is about 5 times longer. Easy climb, excellent view. Getting down was a different story. Loose rocks and dried lava makes it all too dangerous. I remember I sucked at coming down…my first volcano decent makes it even scarier.

I slid down the scree and was having a hard time gaining control. Later in another volcano climb I learn the trick. The easiest and fastest day down is to dig your heel in deep and ski down with your foot. Scary thoughts turned in to fun. Only thing we had to watch out for was for the hot sulfur gas sipping through the dried volcano rocks.