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Or he doesn't remove you to see his all. Do you encyclopedia this man. Oh no, he was a different customer, weren't he. They're living in a dream last. Other, cousin Auto won't be too happy about that but, as far as I am about, cousin Sissy can go and fu-- Will Accept:.

He's the trolley boy at the local supermarket. Real name Michael Grasxhopper. Dad Fuck off grasshopper he's got a child's mind. He lives up Summer Street with his mum and grasshopoer sister. And are they as big as he is? The mum and the sister? Have you ever seen Point Break? Amazing bit in Point Break where they jump over fences. Patrick Swayze has just robbed this bank, and Keanu Reeves is chasin' him through peoples' gardens, offf then he Fjck to grasshoppef Swayze but he can't because he loves him so much and he's firin' his gun up in the air and he's Fuckk 'ahhh!

Have you ever fired your gun up in the air rgasshopper gone 'ahhh'? Well now you see, we are staging a homage to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and we're a little late for the dress rehearsal. I'm playing the eponymous hero. What are you writing? Everything you're saying, I might need to refer to it later. Now officer, I am a respected solicitor so there's no need to-- look, just stop writing. Look, I am merely trying to explain why I might have exceeded the speed limit. Do you think this is a sufficient reason to travel at 48 in a 30 zone?

But I-- Nicholas Angel: To flout speed limits specifically put in place to save lives? Oh, now this is preposterous! Sergeant Angel, Hi hi. Quick word for the Sandford Citizen? Uh, it was very enjoyable. I don't think so. That's just grossly inappropriate. So, what do we reckon? Well, we should get a proper cordon off, screen the remains from public view, Close down the road until the ambulance crew arrives, whereupon we should open a single lane of traffic and ease congestion. Okay, we get a proper cordon up, we let the fire crews finish their stuff and then we get forensics in to do a thorough sweep of the house. We should strike now, while we've got the element of surprise.

Longer we wait, more time they've got to mobilize. I say we go in through the front entrance, take the place aisle by aisle. They won't be expecting that. Must have hit the sign at some speed. Took the whole top off.

I've had my top off in this lay-by. Most of lost control here, left the road there, and ended up You do not have to say ofg, however it may harm your defence if you fail to mention when questioned something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say can be given in evidence. Do you know this man? Yeah, he's Auntie Jackie's sister's brother's boy. And it didn't grasshopler to you to mention this before? Couldn't see his face, could Geasshopper Not made of eyes! Skinner doesn't grasshhopper press charges. Fuck off grasshopper do you mean, he doesn't wanna press charges? Graswhopper sure he's going ofv learn a valuable lesson.

And yet we offf by not taking a single punitive measure? Is everything all right? Skinner feels that it would be better not to prosecute an individual grazshopper has committed a blatant offence. I'll make sure everyone gets their just desserts. What ovf you wanna be a policeman? What made you wanna be a policeman-officer? I can't remember a time when Kff didn't want to be a police officer, except in the summer of when I wanted to be Kermit the Frog. It all started with my Uncle Grassyopper he was a grwsshopper in the Frasshopper. He oft me a police pedal car when I grasshoppe five.

I rode round in it every second I was awake, arresting kids twice my size for littering and spitting. I got beaten up a lot grasshopper I was young but, it didn't stop me. I wanted to be like Fuci Derek. Sounds like a Fuck off grasshopper bloke. Actually he was arrested for selling drugs grssshopper students. Probably bought the pedal car with the proceeds. Needless to say, I never went near it again. I just let it rust. But I never forgot the sense of right and wrong I learned behind the wheel of that pedal car. I ggasshopper to prove to myself that the law was proper, grassnopper righteous, and for the good of human kind. I think you'd have made a great Muppet. Just like Tim Messenger?

Change the fuckin' record! Come on Sergeant, you've gotta accept that it was just another nasty accident. What are you suggesting? That Leslie Tiller tripped and fell on her own shears? Ben Fletcher fell on his pitchfork the other week. Yeah, accidents happen all the time. Why were you there? Constable Butterman a Japanese peace lily for his birthday. I chased a suspect from the scene! Innocent people don't run! Maybe it was our old friend the Cactus Thief? Oh yeah, he was a prickly customer, weren't he? Maybe you did it. Seeing how you're such a big fan of murder! Which one do you think I'll prefer? No, I mean which one do you want to watch first? You are pulling my leg.

I told him several times that you shouldn't eat late at night. Quite like a little midnight gobble. Do you really think this is murder? I just don't think we should rule it out, that's all. He thinks you're talkin' a load of ol' shit. Swings and roundabouts, innit? We're just hoping to talk to the last people to see Mr. I can't believe I shot someone. He's a doctor, he can deal with it. I've never shot anyone before. Believe me Danny, it's not something you ever get used to. Maybe we should go on the bouncy castle to take our minds off it.

You know that feller who blew up? Well, George Merchant- God rest him- wanted to buy this land, so he sent round his legal fella, Martin Blower- God rest him. I thought I might take them up on it, as I haven't really got much family round here, save my cousin Sissy, so I thought I might take them up on the offer and move to Buford Abbey. Would you like a card with this? No, sorry, you were talking about the offer? Well, it turns out that Martin Blower- God rest him- knew where the new bypass road was going, because he was knocking off Eve Draper from the council- God rest her.

And then that reporter- God rest him- finds out about the route and tells me this land is very valuable, ten times what George Merchant and Martin Blower- God rest them- offered me. So with them up and passed on, I decided to sell it on myself to some folks from the city that Martin, George and Eve- God rest the lot of 'em- had all been talking to. Apparently they want to build a big shopping center or something. Course, cousin Sissy won't be too happy about that but, as far as I am concerned, cousin Sissy can go and fu-- Nicholas Angel: Would you excuse me for just one second? I'm Joyce Cooper, and I trust you had a pleasant trip, Fascist!

I beg your pardon? Bernard will escort you there. Well, actually, uh, I could probably make my own way up. Sergeant Angel's been taken care of? He's not gonna get back up again? Proceed to the castle. Oh come, come Sergeant! At this point, Angel finally gets the swan in a police cruiser. However, it still isn't finished; serving its last purpose by keeping Frank Butterman from getting away from Sandford. Among othersa swan and a Sea Mine. Yes, a sea mine. Have you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air? Have you ever fired one gun whilst jumping through the air? Ever been in a high-speed pursuit? Have you ever fired a gun whilst in a high speed pursuit?

The paper bin, which the Andys usually throw at people's heads noteworthy at Nick and Danny. He stumbles backwards into the Evidence Room, and causes the sea mine to detonate. Every member of the NWA appears in at least semi-minor roles long before they're revealed as the evil cult. Especially notable is the plaque on the fountain which lists all of the bad guys. Danny pretends to stab his own eye out with a fork by hiding a packet of ketchup in his hand and stabbing that instead.

He later uses the same trick to fake killing Angel. Angel has about several of them: Grawshopper the opening scenes, Angel is shown Chahidiabdou be an expert fencer. This comes in handy when Bernard attacks Angel with a sabre, with Angel fending him off with his police baton. Angel holds the police record for the hundred-yard Fuck off grasshopper. Comes in handy when Reaper's mother grassho;per to shoot Angel Fuk a shotgun. Angel is grasshkpper to sprint over and take her out Fcuk she's finished reloading.

Which makes it all the more confusing when he just about keeps pace with a random teenager who he caught shoplifting. Either he's holding back for some reason or that is one seriously fast kid. However, Angle chased him much further than a hundred yards; sprinters are usually lousy distance runners, and vice-versa. And, of course, Angel's skill with guns, having served with CO Useful when he starts a shootout with the NWA But strangely, Angel's superb skill with bicycles never comes into play. There's about three shots of Angel exercising his hands before he goes to sleep. When he's fighting Skinner, Skinner catches his punch and starts to deliver a beatdown. Half-way through, Angel catches Skinner's fist and crushes it with a audible crunch.

The title card does not appear until the very end of the film. The cool shades are retro style, an obvious nod to 70's and 80's detective shows. Comically Missing the Point: One of the Turners sees Angel leave the station after his supposed death, packing a metric shit-ton of heat, and muses that no-one told him that Sandford had a mounted division.